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Hey Rockin Ladies,

It's Nira Nichole, I am a business & fashion student that lives in the Netherlands.
I've had this blog for about 2 years now, but first it was randomly about daily events in my life. As I got older I thought it was time to transition into what I really am fascinated by.

Since I was more of a go to person for makeup and fashion advice. I decided that I want to create a blog and see if I can share my ideas with you guys. I recently just started a YouTube channel where I am so having so much fun with so far.

If your wondering what When Carib kissed Europe is about well its about my perspective as an international student. Tips and tricks of being a student overseas and still sticking to your budget. From the hottest trends, I'm loving and the ones I'm not. I will also be doing mini reviews for the curious ladies out there.
Thank you so much.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Take some time and check out my YouTube channel ...here

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Stay Rockin,
Nira Nichole

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