Friday, September 8, 2017

O' Sweet Sint Maarten Land!

Hello world,
It's been a minute like really it has, As most of you know Nira thats me is from the lovely island of Sint Maarten. That was destroyed by hurricane Irma. As I am away from The Netherlands in London for my work placement. I wanted to at least spread the word. Nope no fashion, No beauty post! Not today! I want to make awareness to you guys to help, this lovely Island of Sint Maarten it is magnificently beautiful. Mountains so green and flamboyants always beaming yellow and orange.

Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean, which is apart of the dutch kingdom and also the french kingdom it is the smallest island in the Caribbean known to share 2 kingdoms, Impressive I know. As you know on the 6th of September, about 22 years after the devastating damage hurricane Luis did. Hurricane Irma came and destroyed everything. There are so much homeless people. Some of my closest friends lost their homes. Even at my house we lost a few windows and a roof. They were also  very important historical landmarks that are now destroyed but I know we will build our self back up. and I am asking for your help to build my lovely island back up, Food, drinks, water, clothes. We really do need it, Please donate!

My whole family is there, my mom, my aunts, my uncles, my whole childhood and all my memories up to when I was 18 and decide to come to Europe and embark on this Journey. I mean it hurts me so much to just sit and not be able to be there to help. So help me help them. Help me help the people of Sint Maarten. I am not going to keep this long with a Sap story. No you guys have google. You guys have television you guys can see how the island state is now. To make it even worst there is another Hurricane by the name of Jose passing by.

I am sending my love to all the families who suffered a lost, in the path of Hurricane Irma. I pray for those who will have to deal with the more damage that is yet to come and the safety of those in Florida! My sincerest deepest love goes out to those in Mexico who had to suffer the worst earthquake in a 100 years. Come together rest of the world, Help those who are in need of it now.

To the students around the world who are hurting to see their homes get destroyed in the Caribbean & Mexico. I know it is even harder because they are those who has not yet gotten in contact with their families. Communication is now harder than ever, especially for those who just not to long ago left their homes to come to further their studies. Listen Guys! You are the future, keep your head strong, be brave and become the soldiers for your country! When Carib Meets Europe.xx

My best Wishes to everyone & Thank you so much form the bottom of my heart!xx
Nira xx


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