Wednesday, September 20, 2017


have been experimenting with so many styles in the past, to actually figure out what represents me & I have finally found something that I am so comfortable with, I am the type of girl ... Who loovesss "chic" but for some reason when I used to dress that way & all the compliments I used to get I never felt 100% comfortable. I used to watch myself & feel as if I am someone else. I used to end up scrolling online shopping spending more money I don't have.
This is My Wardrobe Chronicless!

I recently just said frig it and I did a huge wardrobe purge, I only kept things and colours I like, stuff I usually reach for in the closet, Items that I would use 1 Billion times in infinite different ways. That style is plenty of chic but oh so casual. I decide to invest money in chic looking accessories like bags, shoes, coats. These items are the key too always looking stylish. Yeahhh dolls, Let's look stylish on a budget!

Mama always say quality over quantity! Make sure whatever you are buying is worth it! That it can last you at least 2 years, something that won't easily go out of style, like sweaters with cold shoulders or lace up tops are my fav! There is something about showing a little bit of skin that makes me feel extremely sexyGive it a Try!

Dolls, Here is what my autumn wardrobe will be looking like! If you want to shop the items the link is attached! These are affordable prices for students yes! Because like I said quality over quantity! My colours I love is grey, blacks, whites, khaki, burnt orange, pinks, and blues. I love me my graphic tees, and lace up pieces, Oh boy oh boy Denim not forgetting denim! What do you think, what is your style like this autumn?

nira xx
Autumn 2017


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