Wednesday, September 20, 2017


have been experimenting with so many styles in the past, to actually figure out what represents me & I have finally found something that I am so comfortable with, I am the type of girl ... Who loovesss "chic" but for some reason when I used to dress that way & all the compliments I used to get I never felt 100% comfortable. I used to watch myself & feel as if I am someone else. I used to end up scrolling online shopping spending more money I don't have.
This is My Wardrobe Chronicless!


Friday, September 8, 2017

O' Sweet Sint Maarten Land!

Hello world,
It's been a minute like really it has, As most of you know Nira thats me is from the lovely island of Sint Maarten. That was destroyed by hurricane Irma. As I am away from The Netherlands in London for my work placement. I wanted to at least spread the word. Nope no fashion, No beauty post! Not today! I want to make awareness to you guys to help, this lovely Island of Sint Maarten it is magnificently beautiful. Mountains so green and flamboyants always beaming yellow and orange.

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