Friday, March 17, 2017


It's about time, I've been stalking this palette for ages and finally there was a store that had it in stock. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand I love and I invest in things I love. Their products are gorgeous and there highlighters make you look like you were touch by the Makeup Gods. Their quality are great and they are so many reviews to back this statement up. Today I will be sharing my opinion on their Modern Renaissance Palette. The perfect everyday Spring Palette.

Their eye shadow palette contains 14 beautiful shades. This palette is great for creating beautiful looks for day and nighttime. This palette includes a dual side brush, which isn't bad at all. I never really use eye shadow palette brushes for some reason, but this one I see my self reaching for really quickly. This palette comes in a pink box, Now which in that box there is this lovely pink velvet packaging. Which had me at aww, When I first took it out I was terrified honestly hoping that it won't get damaged and dirty, but she is still looking gorgeous. 

Now let me tell you something about this pigmentation. It is very beautiful. After doing Glowy Rose Pink Spring Makeup look for my Channel. I knew it was worth my money. If you want to see that video check it out by clicking here.You guys know I've been feeling all these blushy tones this spring. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

I also did some swatches for you guys, so you can see how they look on my skin tone if you are wondering. The shadows feel very smooth and creamy on the skin. It's like I cant believe its not butter.  It doesn't give off that dusty effect you get from most eye shadows, the pinks and red tones are very pigmented on my skin. Where as the earthy tones kind of just blends in with my skin. But once used with primer you will see it on the lid.  Anastasia Beverly hills you did great, Stay rockin!

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