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Let's get personal, Not to personal I don't want to scare you guys away. I was inspired by valentine day to write this blog post also because I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. It was mostly about how on valentines day, girls tend to go all out for they boo with building up confidence all day for the night ahead. It gave me an idea to write this post. I really didn't get to write this post as planned because I was so busy, meaning finally I am done with my internship for this school year.

Anywhoo, Guess what I'm going to still share with you my idea on "philosophy of body confidence and sex". I know right, I never really talk about sex mostly because I came from an island that if you are rather a very sexual person you will be called all kinds of names. I mean its a pretty small island so you don't want to have a reputation on being called a slut or even anyone finding out who you are sleeping around with.

Moving to Europe gave me a brand new perspective of sex and whats its about. We are in a world where Sex is being shown everywhere, you can watch a movie or just scroll on the internet and BAM you will be brained washed that sex should be a certain way or even the thought that your body should be looking a certain way to be known as very attractive to a guy or girl. No sweetheart don't be brain wash by the media. 
Once someone starts taking your clothes of. They have been automatically interested in you from the very first start. From the time they first kissed your lips and grabbed your hips. I know they sometimes might not have great intentions about getting intimate with you, but they still desire you and is attractive to you physically or emotionally. No I'm not saying to go start sleeping with every one who is interested, NO! Also not saying to be mistreated by people who only want you for your loving virtue, That's for another post though. I'm humbly speaking about our body image and how we feel and the first thoughts that come to our mind before we get naked.

Easy first step of having body confidence is don't think to much about it, if you think you are too skinny or too fat. He or she already knows that, they can see you. They have been watching you for some time. But that is not stopping them from getting aroused by you. I know I am not a size too small or a size to big but I do also get body conscience. It takes little steps to reach how you want to feel about your body and to accept the way your body look. You should just go in and enjoy it. Don't cringe and start to feel uncomfortable also if it's with someone you love and want to share that special moment with. You can turn that situation upside down for both of you guys.

Let's just say if you don't find yourself attractive, be calm it is not to late to say you don't want to anymore. Don't put yourself in a regretful situation. The sexiest thing is you being confident & enjoying yourself.
Make things more enjoyable for yourself by:

  • Looking for enjoyable sex positions where you feel comfortable
  • Have connection with that person, Not saying go and fall inlove(Sex isn't always about falling inlove) Just some physical attraction can start some magic
  • Buy yourself some candles
  • Dim the lights if that makes you confident
  • Get yourself some sexy lingerie
  • Talk to your sexual partner about what you like and don't like
  • Remember self care & love yourself
Someone out there loves skinny knees and Jiggly thighs.
But it is always more important to love yourself. 
Be sexy and Alive!
Hope this post didn't turn out too personal. But I hope you can take some tips out of it. I mean I never talk about sex so openly. NEVER! if you guys like it leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for being awesome!

Do you have any tips about being confident? Please do share it can help some readers out there

Nira x

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