Monday, February 6, 2017


Well guys winter is almost over and it's never to late to start thinking on spring. It's the perfect time to start cleaning out our wardrobes. I've recently finally start to figure out what my personal style is. It wasn't easy at first because I was more stuck in a phase of not knowing what to wear. But not as much since starting my capsule wardrobe. I have created winter to spring how to style fashion guide that I would like to share with you guys. With all the latest trends and winter to spring basics.

Keep in mind this Capsule wardrobe is made up of colours and items that I love. Some items you might not find should be worthy of capsule wardrobe, but that's okay. Any who It is time that we accept the fact that every fabric is getting thinner and the shades are getting lighter. AW16 my wardrobe was filled with pink rose and mauve tints. With the basic natural tones of White, Black & Grey turtlenecks not forgetting classic Denim.

To transition to spring wardrobe all your missing is getting your favourite basics and turning them into trendy pieces. Like recently I got myself a white and grey lightly knitted bell sleeve sweater. That is great for wearing in the spring, The weather in the Netherlands still does be chilly during spring time, so I am able to get away with wearing sweaters still. This way my basic item goes perfect with anything in my wardrobe. The key for having the perfect capsule wardrobe is to only collect colours and items you know you feel comfortable wearing. Making sure that they are also items that you can mix and match with everything in your wardrobe. This way you avoid spending money and have more space.(SAY NO TO THAT LITTLE VOICE INSIDE YOU, THAT SCREAMS I GOT TO HAVE IT!!) 

Shearling Jacket. Something worth having in your wardrobe it is just very casual item. Perfect for styling with a white sweater, ankle boots and pair of mom jeans.(Yes Guys, I'm mom jeans obsessed). I recently got 2 from H&M beige and black suede vestI got it in their sale. Any who Both of my jackets or of light material it is not as stiff as the ones from Zara. That everyone and their mom has, Like damn. The beige one keep me just as warm as a winter coat. The suede vest is perfect for those warm sunny spring days.

Faux Fur Leopard Coat. You probably saw my last post about how to style a faux fur leopard coat. wear I showed you that you can still wear basic items and still look fly as hell! The coat is such a great item to have I mean doesn't really have to be leopard because it is not everyone cup of tea. But having a statement coat helps you turn your basic outfit into a chic looking fly one. click here for how to style.

Bell sleeves. I love sweaters with bell sleeves. Getting a blue or pink colour top for spring will not only just add some colour but It will be like adding a little fun to your basic top. It is also a great way of adding a perfect statement to a regular outfit. Style perfectly with mom jeans and loafers. With a simple shearling coat, talk about looking fashion forward.

Leather pants Another super trendy piece at the moment. Great for adding more of an edge to some basic wardrobe items. It is also great paired with the Faux fur leopard coat. With a band tee or a basic white top and some ankle boots. It will make you appear more chic and put together. 

frayed ankle jeans. Something that give me a bitter sweet feeling at first, But there are really cute ones out there that doesn't look as exaggerating. I been still looking for my perfect pair. Something that isn't as wide as boot cuts but not as skinny as skinny jeans. Something More like a mini Culotte, but more smaller in shape. Something like a pair of bell sleeve tops. Lol. I mean it's one of the greatest trends this spring. That I have been seeing and it is great for adding a personality to your wardrobe.

I hope you found this How to style Winter to spring Fashion Guide very helpful. I really had this idea bubbling in me for a long time. Waiting for the right time to put it out there, and now is the right time since the temperature is rising again. Hope you enjoy it if you have any questions feel free to ask!

What is you favourite spring trend?

Nira xo


  1. What a stylist collection that you have. I miss going to back to UK where I used to stay to get back to these outfit. I am staying in Singapore now where everyday is a summer.


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