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You know I always wondered what are the benefits of exfoliating?? But there was no one out there to tell me why I should do it? I mean I used to consider a face wash enough. But guess what it is not! Exfoliating is something that needs to be done at least 1-2 times per week, Because it removes dead skin cells that are on the surface of your skin.

Before I continue I am no skin expert or a dermatologist, I can't stomach the thought of being one. They're so much weird skin shit I've seen on the internet.(You wouldn't believeeee)
But any-who, Let's begin exfoliating is practically a way of washing your face to remove all the dead skin cells, that are just there chilling. If you don't remove any of the dead skin cells, dirt and all kinds of daily gunk will stay there(Say no to pore clogging) and practically help break out your skin.  Especially if you are a makeup lover like me. It is also great for blood circulation under your skin. Let's achieve healthy and glowy skin together guys by continue reading this post!
The body scrub I use is ocean salt face and body scrub from Lush.
This is really one of my favourite scrubs so far it smells so minty and it really has my skin feeling smooth and nice. The only downfall is that I don't use it as much because the salt in the product kind of scratches my skin a bit. Other than that it gets the job done.
For a beginner when it comes to body care, I would recommend either looking towards lush or the body shop. Their prices or reasonable enough and there products are also effective and organic.
Tip: Use a exfoliating glove for better removal of dead skin cells and dirt. Only if your skin can take it if it can't, I recommend just using your hands.
The exfoliating wash i use is the clear skin oil balancing exfoliating wash from Simple.
Like I said, exfoliating never used to be a thing of mines. Since I have been using an exfoliating wash my skin has changed for the better. I haven't been getting acne like how I used to. Only when T.O.M seems to come and visit monthly there might be a pimple or none at all. As my first exfoliator ever I really do love this product. Before I got it I heard nothing but good things about this product.
For you as a beginner, I am no expert on face exfoliation scrubs they are so many different brands and I feel as if it is your choice to figure out what is best for your skin. Just remember the skin on your face and on your body isn't exactly the same. The skin on your face can be more sensitive, oily, dry or even a Combo of them all. So once you do your research you may be able to find the right product for you. This product doesn't come with exfoliating beeds, it is just this smooth fluid. That helps with balancing the oil in your skin.
I can recommend trying out the body shop or simple and  for the high end beauty lover Clinique do carry some really good skincare products. But their prices aren't as student friendly, so unless you're ready to break the bank give it a go.

Tip: Use a facial sponge or maybe battery operated facial scrub for better results. Again only if your skin can take it!

The last and important step to work in combination of exfoliating, Is to drink Lots & Lots of water. Water is a natural skin care product it really helps in flushing out all the toxins in your body. I mean I can't stress enough on how important water is for you.

  • Improves skin texture
  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Evens skintone

They are different ways of exfoliating, which are either you do it to your body or your face. Body exfoliation mostly occurs when you get your self one of those gloves with the hard bristles. The ones you can scrub your skin with and combined it with your favourite body scrub. When it comes to your face it is best to use one of those battery operated facial scrubs like spin for perfect skin by Vanity planet. Get a discount using my code right here. Unfortunately My facial scrub broke, and I still haven't gotten around on getting a new one, So I have been sticking it the old fashion way by using my hands or my facial sponge from Konjac sponges. If you want to know more about that sponge there is a blogpost here.

If you have any questions on anything that I mentioned above feel free to ask!
I hope you found my beginners beauty guide to exfoliating helpful.

Nira xo

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