Sunday, January 1, 2017


It's that New Year, New Me bullsh*t? I never believed in that saying. I believe in a New year, More growth. More accomplishments. No regrets, even though its worth regretting. Just be you, you should only better yourself, Not change yourself. I am so happy for all the good and bad of 2016 and the fact that I have learned something new. My goals for 2017 is all about self growth. 
Happy New Year!

2016 was a year filled many achievements. I started it not knowing I would grow so much as a person. I conquered my fears of being judged. I have learned to except everyone's opinion. I left the year with no regrets. This year in 2017 I want to be able to believe in myself more. Achieve more than I did the year before.

Being active used to be my favourite thing ever. Hiking, Dancing and playing Softball was something I grew up doing. Ever since I've moved to The Netherlands, it all stopped there. I used to dance everyday to keep fit in my bedroom. Dancing was a sport a little active hobby of mines that I loved doing. I used to be living my Flashdance dream. Want to be able to dance a little each day this year. 

 I may sometimes look like I got all my shit together. But honestly, I don't. I want to be able to control my anxiety. To be able to wake up in the morning and not worrying about trying something new. Have some me time where I can do things I love doing. Without adding the extra stress that if I take a break I will regret it. No I won't. The balance in accepting the bad that can happen and knowing that I will attack it twice as hard.

Honestly I don't know if you guys know this but I started a YouTube channel last summer. I actually I've been more active on there recently. You should check out my videos. And No, I am not abandoning my blog you guys. This is where it all started. I really would like to get 2000 subscribers at the end of this year. There is a plan already being made for 2017. So if you guys wants to be apart of it subscribe. here.

Hope you guys 2017 be as wondrous and growthful this year. 
 Happy 2017 & Thank you for everything!
Nira xo,

Would like to thank @JUJUBOXBAKESHOP for the wonderful cake.

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