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So many things are changeable in fashion. What you see now trending this year will be replaced by something else next year. But there is always exceptions for those genuine items. 

I mean they have been around for a century now. Ever wondered what their strategy may be?
It is so simple, if nothing is wrong with them, then they won't change them. 
That is how amazing they are, they also are very trendy. 
These iconic shoes for guys became an iconic start for women.

Over the years Converse, became more and more unisex. Many may ask how?

According to shoe expert Elizabeth Semmelhack, it all started off with one female borrowing from her boyfriends closet. The perfect place to complete your outfit.

These timeless shoes fit the perfect image of a power woman.

 Here are some stories of power women within the 100 years.

The Low "Oxford" All Star was introduced

Multi-talented Shirley MacLaine. Is one of the first female celebrities that can be spotted in the 50's wearing All Stars. Shirley who is known as an actress, singer, dancer, activist and writer, confirms yet again the image of a tough, strong power woman who was ahead of her time. She wore these naughty men shoes, all throughout the 2nd feminist wave.

All stars are for the first time available in other colours.

If you fast forward to the 60's you could've seen Twiggy, an English model with striking yellow All Stars. Which I may add, Is a very fantastic colour with the rest of her outfit. Twiggy was known as an extremely skinny model, hence the name twiggy, With a male appearance. The tough lining between her and the All Stars made her image complete.

All Stars stood on the cradle of  ultimate Punk - Rock Outfits.

Do you know that song that goes like, I love Rock 'n Roll?! Need I say more? Joan Jett is the meaning of cool in the Punk and Rock era. Joan knew how to make any rock chick outfit, look extra tough with a raw edge with All Stars. Not only then but even now she still wears All Stars.

For real rebellions in the 80's, are the All Stars the shoes by projection.

Demi Moore, rebel in, rebel out. At sixteen she quits high school to pursue life as an actress. Eventually, she made it pass the unusual world of  pornography and fought her way to the world of Hollywood. Bold, beautiful and daring. Her All Stars would not miss the list of female celebrities with All Stars.

In 1997 was more than half a  million pairs of All Stars produced.

Wynona Ryder, one of the most iconic female actresses of the 90's was showered with awards. Who is also the ex lover of Johnny Depp. She is certainly not always known for being a sweetheart. Instead, they are repeatedly charges of theft, vandalism and drug offenses. With such a tough image the All Stars are not out of place.

Converse was taken over  Nike for $305.000.000.-

Not forgetting the gorgeous Kristen Steward, who is known as the Twilight Saga babe. Her fashion must is to rather be comfortable and fashionable. She doesn't want to be known as someone more obsessed with red carpet fashion. For the team Bella fans this one is for you guys. 

They are about $450.000.000 worth of All Stars being sold.

Well, if we are talking about women who are a big inspiration with fashion. We can not be missing one of the greatest artists of the moment.
Also walking hit machine Rihanna fits perfectly into the image of free-spirited, tough women with All Stars! 
She really knows how to work work work work.
All kickin 'it even in the whitehouse.

To close this off with one of toughest power women out their. Michelle Obama, who stand in the shadow of the most powerful man in the world, which is not a simple task. Yet Michelle plays the role as if she was born to be a Power Woman. Michelle was spotted with the most timeless sneakers that you can imagine.

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