Monday, September 26, 2016


Lets talk about confidence?
Lets talk about wearing your personality on the outside and not giving a sh**!
Lets talk about just being whatever you want to be, because it is you!

We all blame the media, for choosing an ideal beauty.
But little did we know we are the media.
We spend hours of the day obsessing over the idea of true beauty.
We are the market, we are the ones who says yes that's what we love to see!
Cultured, not cultured, religious, not religious, Like So what we are all humans.

One day when you find your true self, you will be confident!
Every thing grows at its own paced.
They're flowers that grows in the winter, they're flowers that grows in the summer.
They're also the rare ones, that takes years before blooming!

Lets just start this off buy saying the best "confidence" is believing in yourself, take your time!
There is no rush in being extremely confident, don't make yourself uncomfortable for anyone else!
Every flower grows at its own pace!
Stay Rocking YOU!

Hey lovelies!!

How is everything with you guys?
I've been sick recently with the flu, reasons for lack of content for you guys. 
The temperature is changing, one week it was hot and then *BAM* fall is creeping up on us! 
I don't mind I frikken lovee FALLL WINTER SEASON!... 
My first post was about fall/ here 
Some awesome things are happening, and I  have time to share and tell you all about it!

I am recovering from the flu, and I can't go a day without these mints and water!
Yes especially water, it helps wash away all the germs in your body. 
When you are sick it is important to stay hydrated.

Smoothie bowls with less smoothie and more fruits and granola!!
Cocoa nips, strawberries, Chia seeds, granola & some smoothie!
Breakfast is very important! 
If you would like to a post  about making this let me know in the comments.

So this was the 2nd week of school & it has already started.
with the many assignments and me being informed with up and coming events in October! 
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

So I got my new school bag from MONKI whoop whoop.
If you want to see a whats in my school bag just let me know.

On my way to somewhere? People we are going places!!

The importance of keeping yourself occupied on a 1 hour train ride to Amsterdam! 
I'm really loving this book I have 3 more chapters to go!
Ladies, Get your hands on this book you guys 
Read about being confident & keeping your cool in a so called mans world! ;)

So I went to Cafe Beurs after school & had a few beers with some friends! 
Twas a great day! 
#ADULTING101:Have a beer after school!
18+ Only!!

Ended off my week with some ice cream from De IJSSALON!
 It was a scoop of  raspberry cheesecake, Chocolate & Oreo ice cream
Three of my favourite things in one cup!

I usually end these things off with a selfie of me but, Check out Midna!
She is getting so big!

Remember believing in yourself is the best confidence!
Just take your time!
Until next time Stay Rockin!


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