Saturday, September 3, 2016


Little did I know that moving far away from home helped me too finally grow. I do miss my beautiful little island and being around many childhood friends and family. But there was a time I thought to myself, Who am I? Everyday on my island I was shaped and molded by my culture. It was really hard to actually figure out who am I really? and who do I want to be? Not just some girl from the islands, who loves carnival, soca and chicken leg & johnny cake.

I was always a lover for art and design, to be as creative as possible. I was always known for being creatively good with my hands. I am handy, Fearless and filled with energy! I am a quick problem solver, I rather figure something out on my own because with someones help I feel as if my creation isn't mines. Who am I? What do I want to be? That was the questions I was constantly asking myself for weeks. It took me a long time to actually figure out the path I wanted to be on. What I love, what is my passion, what moves me and what inspires me. Moving to the Netherlands give me the opportunity to answer these questions. 

I finally had time to grow and be comfortable being me, Like these flowers, I bloomed into something more Caribbean cultured than ever, filled with vibrant colours and confidence. I learned to appreciate, where I came from. I am still blooming, I am still figuring out who I am. Being away from home is not for everyone, some people tend to fail their mission and give up. I mean I been there, it was at the back of my mind in the beginning during the hard times. But I pushed myself and here I am inspiring people. 

Kissing Europe was only the beginning!

Hello September! Hope that you be a great one this year.

My week so far was filled with excitement, I received my monthly subscription from Makeupactie!, I really love their Beebee cosmetic brand. This is a great way to try out new products, I mean like come on, you are only paying for the shipping which is €4,95 and the products are free!! I really have gotten some awesome products so far like blush, mascara, eyeliners(liquid & Pencil). Feel free to sign up and try them out here.

Last weekend I uploaded my "back to school Marble DIY", I really am obsessing over marble, Like the material, the structure, the characteristics of it is really beautiful. It goes well with my silver, black & white theme. If you haven't seen my marble diy click here!

School is finally and officially beginning again for me, Even though our new building is still under construction(rolls eyes). They are a few tweaks and priming left to do I guess. Anywho I got my schedule! It is looking rather hefty, But I'll work my way around it. Sadly I am having classes on the top floor which is the 7th floor! This is going to be a very interesting school year, I cant wait! So I'm going to wish everyone else a great one!

For transitioning back to Autumn/Winter my favourite seasons of all time. I notice I been loving Chai Tea! I got this from Xenos for like €59 ct, SCORE!! It is filled with my favourite spices and it smells like AUTUMN! Homemade Chai Latte anyone?

I also did my own DIY acrylic nails, They came out frikken gorgeous and it was all under 8 frikken euros! It took me about an hour to get them done my self, but I got the hang of it! 
Like what do you guys think of the colour?

Not forgetting to end off this weeks entry with a lovely selfie of myself! 
I had a great week, How was yours?


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