Wednesday, September 28, 2016


So I've been wanting to try an eyebrow pomade for months now. My hopes was to get my hand on the Anastasia Beverly Hills. As a student I wanted something that was inexpensive and won't fall into the break your bank category. 

After searching for a cheaper option I found out that freedom has eyebrow pomades. Since I am already familiar with the company, I decided to give it a try. The only thing that I didn't find as handy is that they aren't as many reviews out there about this product. So I am sharing my thoughts about this product to you guys, that are interested. 

The freedom eyebrow pomade is from the brand Freedom professional Makeup. Which is also a sister brand to one of my favourite brands Makeup Revolution. Freedom has more of a high end looking vibe. Than the regular Revolution products. It is also a drugstore brand, so which means it is very affordable. 

Now on to the product, I got this eyebrow in the colour ebony. It comes in a sleek minimal package that I actually like. It gives off this type of chic feel when you first see the product. 

The actually product comes in a small glass jar or container. Which ever you guys prefer to use. 
At first I was like what the f*ck, just because it was a little bit of  product compare to ABH
But I also remembered that I got this product pretty cheap compared to Anastasia's.

I was mostly irritated because I usually does do my eyebrows everyday. 
I was scared that the product will finish quickly ( Yes I'm an eyebrow pomade Noob). 
When I first applied the product I didn't need so much product on my brush at all.
 I was actually very amazed by the application, Very blendable (is that even an word?).
It makes my eyebrows look more natural than how they used to.
So far it's been almost a month since I have been using it, and I am still loving this product.
If you guys are looking for an inexpensive eyebrow pomade to test out. 
You should definitely try this product out. 
To checkout this product click here. (The site is down, so I can't get the link)
But you can find this product in your nearest beauty drugstore.

I also did a demo video on my Youtube channel.
To see that video you can click here too : Freedom Eyebrow Pomade.

Thanks for reading
What do you think about this product?
 let me know!


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