Friday, August 26, 2016


I usually never get so personal on my blog, but after months not blogging for a while. I want to get to know my readers better and I want them to know me better. So my blog will be updated with more personal pictures of my daily life and also important events like school and other excited stuff. So yes it means I am going to start a blog series. YAY!, (Starts twerking)

So instead of talking about what everyone else is talking about beauty, fashion & lifestyle. I will be starting a series called, "When Carib kissed Europe". It will mostly be filled with. What its like as a Caribbean born and raised person who left her little island to come to such a huge place to further her studies for a brighter tomorrow.

Not everything is easy as it looks, so I would like to share my experiences, my success & failures with you guys.This series will be filled with stories and advice of a little fish in the big sea.(I really do love using metaphors) I will also will be adding a little Nira's Rockin it where I would give you weekly updates about me. Starting it off with a selfie of me, hope you like it I was feeling myself today!

I couldn't help but share a quick picture of my summer favourites. Now I'm sharing  my musthaves  with you guys, The new September Issue from Elle. A big huge looveee. When I first saw this cover I swore it was Taylor Swift, I was like she's on a cover after all the drama, Big guts. But then I realize it wasn't her. 
Not forgeting my Bellos watch from Loavies, I usually don't like wearing silver but I've been digging everything Silver & Marble. Like Totes Cute!!

These sunnies from Monki is my all time favourite, It adds the edge to my already edgy outfits, Atfirst I was making fun of anyone with these types of sunnies saying they look like. That guy from the old reality tv show, Ozzy osbourne, But now look at me I am hooked on these, I always reach for them in my closet!

 Polaroids is the definition of making a one of a kind memory. I got this for my birthday in May, and honestly I've been wanting this camera for like 3 years before then. And Since I got it I can't stop using it, Remind me to share some polaroids with you guys!

Hey its my quilted chain bag, I almost forgot this baby, I mean I love her & she loves me. She ,makes every outfit look a bit more put together. For lovers of Chanel boy bag, This is a great duplicate that you can get, I did a post about it check it out here. Tres Bien! I do love this bag since I have always been googly eyes for Chanel bags, one day Chanel will be mines! 

So after a very informative and reasonable post I'll be ending it off with this selfie of mee! 
Just because I look so fucking Cute! Remember ladies always love yourself & Don't ever stop Rockin you!.

Love you guys & Thanks for reading xx


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