Sunday, August 28, 2016


Summer is finally at its's end and I am starting back school in September. Even though most of you guys already started end of this month. I hope you are ready for a successful and awesome year at school. To accomplish this school supplies are a very important part in daily school activities.
Ever seem to be lacking inspiration with your boring old regular school supplies, keep reading to see how I pimped out my basic school supplies.

It was long over due for me to finally get rid of old school material from last year. I was able to go out and shop for new supplies. If you were wondering what I got and haven't seen my "Back to School Supplies Haul" click here. These supplies are very important for a basic beginners guide to staying organised in school. We all need some inspiration to get us through another year of hardships at school, So why not look for some supplies that inspire you, are create your own.

This is like a staple in school I see most people say, No they usually buy one and don't use it. Explains why you forgot about the chapters you must read for tomorrows test Or for yesterdays homework! This was a normal plane black agenda I got from Action, I DIY it to fit my favourite theme. I sure have been loving marble lately!

A planner is one of those things that you can keep on your desk, or in your bag for on the go. What ever makes you happy. This way I always stay organised and keep track of big upcoming activities for school. Using a planner has changed my life for the better! 

Notebooks are there to take notes, but with today's technology of taking pictures of the notes with your phone.(YES I AM GUILTY) I still prefer writing down all my notes for school, It seems to stick in my head more. Got these notebooks from Hema, I love Hema for school supplies. Sadly all the cute notebooks was sold out! 

Is it stationery or stationary? I can't seem to figure it out! Very important for when handing in assignments I mean you just print staple everything together or you just perforate them to place into a map. Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, play a very important roll in helping me with school. The creativity of my boyfriend, I am impressed with what he did. I am only sadden by the fact that my "ombre"(DIY) spray painted pencils couldn't make it because they got ruined.

Hope you are as inspired as I am by my DIY school supplies. Wishing you guys have an amazing school year, and remember every failure is just a step closer to success! To jump up you always have to bend your knees and lower your self to reach as high as you can. In here is a mixture of Hema &a Action.
So keep on jumping! 

To see how I did this DIY, Click here.

Thanks for everything!
Nira xx

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