Sunday, August 7, 2016


Goodday Hunini's, Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!
Lately I been obsessing over the Chanel Boy bags, especially if I spend some time browsing on Tumblr or Pinterest for inspiration. This bag is every Fashionista's musthave. Who doesn't want to have Chanel hanging from their shoulders?! I know I do!

But the sad truth is I'm only a student and don't have thousands of dollars to give away on a bag. It didn't stop me from being on the hunt for a sort of inspired Chanel boy bag though. After all the searching and asking everyone who loves fashion just as much as me. I finally found a lovely bag that looks like it.

This bag is pretty simple and it looks exactly like an old collection of Chanel boy bag. from I think the year 2014. It is a quilted chain bag from an online retailer known as COMEGETFASHION.

The only difference about the bag was on the inside and that it was not a Chanel bag. There is no Chanel logo just something that looks kind of like it. Don't worry I am still  happy about my purchase. The bag is spacious and I'm lucky to say it can hold plenty inside. This bag is very affordable for a fashion lover who can't afford the actual brand bag, it cost only € 37,95. 
Way less than an actual Chanel bag, but someday I will get me a Chanel bag, Someday!

I am really happy with purchasing this bag. This been one of my favourites all Summer & I shall rock it, all into winter 2016/2017. If you are also looking for a Chanel dupe, feel free to check out the site COMEGETFASHION, they do shipping worldwide. They also have this bag in a nude colour if you don't want it in black. With plenty other cool trendy fashion musthaves, there is always something for someone.

Hope you enjoy, & Thanks for reading, Hey let me know what do you think about my bag? Did i score? Or was it a bore? Leave a comment down below, also if you know any more online retailers with Chanel boy bag dupes.

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