Wednesday, May 4, 2016


There is something special about liquid matte lipsticks.
The fact that you can go all day with wearing them and not having to think on reapplying through out the day, Great for a lady that is on a go. 

 Lipland is an American cosmetic brand. They have a wide range of gorgeous coloured lipsticks. From regular to liquid matte to shimmer to glossy.

First Impression: When I first open the package, I was amazed by the design. The packaging is lovely, it is gold and black with a frosted container. You can see the colours with a soft effect.

I did some hand swatches, to see how the colours looks on my skin tone. 
As you can see there are a thick liquid and still look moist and they are a lovely matte. 

Here below you will see the names and lip swatches of the lovely matte lippies. They smell great and the brushes are super soft and wide, it is very easy to use when applying to your lips.





My preference always goes forward to matte lipsticks. The only disadvantages are often that matte lipsticks dry your lips out. With these they do not dry out your lips, that feeling was not there. The colours are very beautiful and visibly long lasting, when eating are drinking they stay on. 

I do recommend ordering lipland gorgeous lip colours.
Go and get your hands on these lovely lippies!
You can find them at

xo Nira.N

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