Monday, May 9, 2016


When school makes you become MIA in other things in life, but I am back with a vengeance.
The last few weeks I was so busy with school. As you already know, the end of the school year is almost here just a few exams and assignments and my 2-month internship at H&M. The celebration of summer is around the corner. However, in order to pass the school year here are some handy study tips I am going to share with you today.

1. Explanation videos
Life has gotten so easy for us, so let’s use the internet to search up explanation videos on YouTube. We all probably have a teacher that we have issues with because we do not understand or dare simply to ask. Just go ahead and search up the topic that you do not understand, and you will get different explanations videos from online geniuses.

2. Motivate yourself
If you have to read a long text, you can put candies for every time you read a paragraph. You can reward yourself by eating the candy, what a way to motivate yourself to continue reading.

3. Study somewhere else
If you study every day in a different place you will remember the information more. Every time we change position, we force our brains to create new associations with the same material. Everything then becomes a memory. So take a trip down to your nearest coffeehouse, for a quick study time.

4. Create study goals
Write on a paper or in a book what you have to do that day, make sure that it is not too much, so you have a clear overview of what to do and get things really off.

5. Memocards
Use lots of memo cards while studying to remember things such as word translations, the outputs of the regular verbs in foreign languages. Also, you remember things better if you learn them in a story, instead of literally pounding the text.

Hope that these study tips were useful, sharing my many ways of how to have a successful study session. What are you successful study habits that you use? Please feel free to share.

xO Nira

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