Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey Hunini's,

It sure has been a minute! 
So a few days ago I visited the largest bag & purse museum in the world. Which is the Hendrijke museum of bags and purses in Amsterdam. The trip was worth it, being as curious as possible lately with the origin of bag and purses. I was given the opportunity to tag along on the tour.

So here is a little photo tour of when I visited the bag museum in Amsterdam. These are some bags that I found interested.

Bags design by Karl Lagerfeld they are incredible designs.

This is something I would use on a summer night out the sequence and the pattern is something I don’t see much of anymore.

This bag with a LBD, would make perfect sense.

I am amaze buy this diet coke designed bag, who would of thought that diet is trendy. 

This cupcake designed bag is something I would love to have it is so sparkly and just cute. To bad you can't have it as a snack.

A bag made out of shells, so lovely. 

I just love the design of 2 birds on this one and the flowers it is practically telling you a story.

Picnic basket, this is one of the cutest I have seen. I love the fabrics they choose to decorate the rim with and the colour is gorgeous.

The detailing they use in making these bags was magnificent, sadly with the poor light my camera couldn't capture the true beauty of them. 

Well hope you enjoy the photos.
They are much more bags to be seen, but why spoil the surprise.

It was something worth experiencing if you ever consider visiting Amsterdam, do visit there if you are a lover of bags. There are bags from the very first purse to 2016. 
I always wonder what they used as bags in the 1800's. Now I don't have to anymore.

From 10- 01-16 till 05-06-16
There is a street couture exhibition where high end fashion 
So feel free to check it out!



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