Monday, March 7, 2016


When I woke up this morning it was snowing it was really white and pretty!
Now when I look outside it is like it never snowed, it is bright and sunny!
Beautiful day it is today!

It has been sunny these pass few days.
Giving me hope for a sunny spring, as an island girl the sun is my everything.
My inspiration for this lovely colour is the sun & how bright it gets.
This yellow colour brightens up everything for me, it is the begin transition to spring, Yay!

This colour is also from QUIZ cosmetics, safari nails collection. That I got from Aliece nails.
 If you want more information about that here is the link from my previous NOTW #1.
I really do love this colour, it has been a while since I wore anything this bright. 

I Hope you enjoyed my NOTW and where I got my inspiration from.


What is your inspiration?
Leave a comment below!

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