Friday, March 11, 2016

LIFESTYLE | A day in the studio with Pop'Arts Designs & Photography

The first time I hung out with Anthony Donker, it was my first year in highschool, and I'm proud to see how far he has come. This is one of my oldest friendships I have out there and I am happy to see it is still in tacked. As part of my lifestyle series on my blog. I would like to dedicate #1 to Anthony Donker,
Not only because he is my friend, but because he is an amazing photographer and today is his birthday! So I thought I should introduce you guys to the talented people I encounter on a regular. Those who will be featured on my blog, are people who has alot to do with what my blog is about, Fashion, beauty, photography, a step of having a creative lifestyle.

Being born on one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten. Anthony had many talents that was still on a mission of being discovered. At the age of 20 Anthony moved to The Netherlands to further his studies. By being as energetic as he can he uncovered a talent that was hidden. He started studying and focusing his energy into everything photography. Anthony Is not only a photographic prodigy but he also is great at creating unique graphic designs which he does on a regular. Anthony has done countless of wonderfull shoots, one of my favourite is 

Why did you choose photography?
Besides graphic designing, photography was something different. It became more than a hobby, it is something I can see myself doing for a very long time. When I figured out that I can combine them together, I decide to learn more about photography. These events took me down the path of becoming a succesful photographer.

What do you want to express in your pictures?
I want to express artistic ideas in my pictures and my designs. I want to show that instead of creating the art. I want to take photos of something beautiful, and be able to show others what I see with just that one picture. The famous saying is "pictures can tell many stories", and I want mine to tell millions.

What is your photographic style? 
I haven’t fully thought about it, but I would say it’s a mixture of all photographic styles.
Fashion, Beauty & Life photography is what I am most intrigued by.

Where is your studio located? 
 My studio is temporarily in Apeldoorn where I reside.
In the near future I plan on moving to a bigger city and with better space to create even more content.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspirations comes from all around me. It is the little things that has my lightbulb going off.
I love looking at magazines and billboards to see what is the trends and how I can add my little own twist to it.

Plans for 2016 & Advice?
My plans for 2016 is to open a studio publically and to publish my first magazine that I am working on. My advice for those inspired to be a photographer is to always keep your head up high!
In the beginning you might tell yourself this is not getting you nowhere, but all you need is to take that one step. 

Happy birthday Pop'Arts!

For more information about pop'arts designs & Photography, you can check out his website

Upcoming project:
At the moment I am putting together a team for a magazine submission photoshoot.
The theme is “Spring” and we are getting things ready to head out and shoot
in the the city of Rotterdam here in the Netherlands.

Where taking a left is more creative than taking a right!

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