Sunday, February 28, 2016


So a while back I ordered 12 new varnishes at webstore from the line QUIZ Cosmetics. I realize I haven’t really gotten around to use the nail varnishes I got. So I opened my nails varnish collection and start searching.

So I decided on black on all 4 fingers and this cool shiny grey colour with black glitter on my ring finger. It really has been a while since I wore black nails and I find it good enough to match my outfits to.

This is the varnishes I got from aliece, apart of the 12 Quiz cosmetics varnishes in all sorts of colours.
I will talk about all 12 in another post, so be on a look out. The handle of the brushes has this zebra print on them.

The brushes itself is great at applying nail polish. There wasn't any problem of overflow of nail varnish fluid on my nails. I do recommend trying this brand, this is my first time using it and I wasn’t disappointed.

The liquid isn’t too thick and also not too flowy, is flowy even a word?
Anywho hope you like my nails of the week!
Enjoy your weeek!❤

Q.What do your nails of the week look like?
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