Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It is that moment in every young woman life
when she can have her very first MAC purchase.
My older sisters would be so proud. I have always admire MAC lipsticks but I wasn’t sure if I should purchase any, I felt as if I wasn't worthy enough. I do own a mono eyeshadow I got as a gift, but never did my own purchase.

Until I saw Ariana Grande Viva Glam Lipstick!
This beautiful lipstick is in the shade, of a deep plum, Purple lipstick.
It is a dark matte lipstick, which is long lasting and bold.

The great thing about this lipstick is that it is for a good cause.
All the money collected from the purchase of this lipstick will go to MAC foundation that helps women, men and children with HIV/AIDS. 

The packaging is slick and smooth like any other MAC lipstick but it features a Limited edition signature from Ariana Grande, I actually love how it looks, the metallic wine red colour is just beautiful with the lipsticks shade. As you can see the lipstick is really dark but the shade is a dark purple

I will guarantee if you love MAC and also donating to good causes. This is just for you just go ahead and do it. You can find this lipstick at any of your MAC stores in your city.

There is also a shimmer pink lip gloss in this collection. Feel free to grab yourself one, before they are gone.
You won't be disappointed, it is every lady little bit of good and little bit of bad!

Hope you enjoyed my post!
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Q. What do you think of MAC Ariana Grande Viva Glam Collection?

Nira Nichole.x

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