Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Sleek Sunset

I did a review about the Sleek Sunset Palette & the Sleek Ultra palette a while back, I mentioned that I will do a look with one of the palettes and I did. I chose the Sunset palette because
it is filled with colours for a more dramatic look. I am not a professional with makeup I just love to play around with my palettes.

So finally one productive afternoon I decided to create a look with the Sleek Sunset Palette. I was feeling inspired about summer 2016 on my lovely island. Where the sunset always kisses the ocean.

The shadows I used are all from the Sleek Sunset Palette. My lip colour is Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer: Vamp. I just really love their products, this lip colour is life and I also find it went well with the look. It's long lasting and highly pigmented lip gloss for a very affordable price. But before I get carried away on Makeup Revolution, I will save that for another time. 

The Sleek Sunset palette is filled with red to gold tones that can be used for an everyday look. I decided to use the shadows for a more dramatic but subtle approachThe shadows are shimmery and is super pigmented. The application was smooth and velvety, I didn’t need to keep on adding more and more of the shadows to get the perfect blend.

For this look I started off with the afterglow on my eyelids, then I lined my eye lids with skyline. In the crease I blended dusk and nightfall together to get the orange dark sunset look. Then by the arch I applied horizon. In the inner corner of my eyelid I applied Golden hour for a light shine, and blended it out with afterglow. Golden hour was also applied on my lower lash line.

I was practically going with the flow of the palette.
Soon after I applied my trusty fine pen eyeliner to my mid eyelid and winged it out a bit. I didn't go all out with the wing eyeliner because I figured it would be best to focus more on the eyeshadow.
I being as human as I can be forgot to apply mascara, but its alright.

Sleek Sunset Palette
Makeup revolution Salvation Velvet Lip lacquer: Vamp
Perfect touch Waterproof Eyeliner pen

Hope that you love this look just as much as I did!
If you do leave a comment & tell me what you think!

Nira Xo



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