Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pasta de la Vapiano.

Hey hunini's
This is a bit different from my regular post, but it falls under the lifestyle part of my blog.
The food delights below are from a date night I had with my boyfriend two nights ago.
Sorry they are not any date night outfits or looks, it was more of a little private night out. Maybe next date night I will take a few photos of my outfits.
We've been to Vapianos more than once before, but I haven't been there in about a year now. That night I was really in the mood for some good old pasta. Nothing says a great pasta like Vapianos, I sure did enjoy the meal. We went to the Vapianos in the Rotterdam Plaza, it was a great atmosphere for a quiet night out with the love.
Here is a few pictures of what we had for dinner that night at Vapianos.
Do enjoy!

Bolognese pasta, this is what my boyfriend ordered for himself. It was very delicious and he had the fusilli pasta with that extra Parmesan. It looks so good and it was really spicy! I even took a few bites of it and wanted a trade for his pasta, mission accomplished.

Pollo picante, I think that was its name. This was a sweet chili type of pasta, filled with all types of vegetables. I also think it was suppose to be spicy because of the name picante, but it wasn't. I felt rather disappointed without the extra spice. I had the campanelle pasta with extra Parmesan because I love me some cheese on my pastas. Drinks that night for us both were the nestea lemon Icetea, I used to order the Arizona kind but I geuss they stopped serving them.

We had a small BBQ-chicken pizza for take away, late night dinner? I know the carbs. We had it the next day for lunch though, we were too full that night. For dessert we went to Starbucks and had cheesecake, my obsession. It was so human of me to forget to take pictures. 

I hope you enjoyed my foodie post, Leave a comment tell me what you think!
Q. What is your favourite restaurant & pasta?

*Liefst Nira Nichole*


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