Friday, January 8, 2016


Hey hunini's 
I have been lusting a pair of Chelsea Boots for so long now and I finally got me a pair. 
If you read my Novembers Wishlist, then you
already knew how bad I wanted a pair.

I've had them for a month now and I finally gotten a chance to wear them. The original suede pair I wanted from PublicDesire was sold out in my size but now they restocked my size, just my luck. The price for that pair is €40.63. This pair I got from BoohooThey are called "Zoe Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots" they were for €45.00The prices wasn’t such a big difference, I did order some extra bits and bobs when I was shopping at Boohoo as well. There is sale is a 70% off sale going on right about now, You can check them out if you like.
 Boy oh boy, they weren't lying about Chunky. The boots felt kind of heavy the first two wears. Now I got don't even notice the weight anymore.

Look at how thick the soles are, It gives me a 60's platform vibe just looking at them.  
Time travelling to the disco era.

They are not real leather of course, but with good care and love you can make them look that way!

The colour looks like a real authentic shade of black, and it’s easy to clean with the right shoe cleaner. I would publish a future post about boot maintenance a next time. 

I just love the grips on the bottom, it’s so different from most Chelsea Boots.
I noticed most of them has no grips at all or is half gripped and smooth.
There is also the stretchable material on the side, so you don’t need to zip anything. It's so simple just slip your foot inside and hit the road jack! hahaha

Perfect with a skater skirt and tights, I felt two feet tall in these boots. Way to go me!

Don't mind my ridiculous pose.
I'm still awkward infront of the camera, I am looking so tall! And I'm like 164 cm.
These boots was so worth it, They are comfortable and strangely keeps my feet warm without even double layering with socks. I approve this message!
Hahaha, Any who you guys, Hope you enjoyed my post!
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Q. What are your favourite types of boots? & how would you style them


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