Friday, January 29, 2016


Ohhh Hey huninis,
I got 2 new statement necklaces from this wonderful
webshop happinessboutique

I fell inlove when I first stumble on their Instagram. This was my first ever purchase from them. Choosing something was really hard, because of so many beautiful choices.
 My eyes were more set on statement necklaces, because that is what completes an outfit. They really do have wonderful necklaces. When I finally made a choice, I chose to lovely statement necklaces.

This statement necklace is called snow white, it is really eye catching and can turn a casual outfit into something very chic and classy. I have been seeing this all over, and I couldn't help myself I had to own one for myself. Now I know why it is one of the most purchase necklace, just look at it, it is very beautifulll. The necklace is gold, with white and gem stones that are placed in a silver holding. The chain of the necklace is a bit chunky. When you wear it at first, you will notice the weight but within a 10 seconds you won't realize it anymore. It was for € 24.90, I know some of you may be like what are you crazy, but you are getting a good quality necklace that won't break with a few wears.

This is the other statement necklace that I got. This one is my most favourite and it is simpler than snow white. This necklace is call nude floral, I chose this because of how simple and elegant it looks. I also do love the nude stones in it. This necklace is gold, with nude and gem stones that are placed in a silver holding. I have worn this about 3 times now and I don't regret wearing it. Just the right thing to up a casual outfit. This necklace is very light, so it is not as heavy as snow white. The quality is also great for such a simple necklace. The necklace was only for €18.90, I still find it a reasonable price you are paying for the quality. 

The closing of both necklaces are like any other regular necklace you would have at home with a simple hoking in the back. They are very steady and won't break away, the jewels are also placed steady inside of the necklace. I give these statement necklace a 5 out 5 hearts. I can't wait to go and purchase more lovely items from happiness boutique. 

Here is me wearing snow white, I posted a picture of this and many people give me really great comments about the statement necklace. Snow white, you did great. It gives off this dramatic very chic look.

First sorry for bad quality. Second Nude floral is gorgeous, do you see how simple and elegant it hangs on my neck. It just completed my O.O.T.D. I was complimented by some mates about this necklace.

You can find snow white on the web shop by clicking this link here.
You can also find Nude floral by clicking this link here.

Happiness boutique doesn't only sell necklaces they also do sell other lovely vintage items. I am still exploring the web shop, I sure will be a returning customer. 
I do recommend you checking them out, at every purchase you will receive a free gift. 

P.S I got cat ears but me being as human as possible, I forgot to take pictures! Their gifts changes, this week’s gifts are statement earrings. So just remember don't forget to click the link and check them out! Oh Did I forget to mention they do FREE SHIPPING WORLWIDE!

Q. What do you think of the statement necklace, I really would like to know?
Leave a comment down below, your opinion matters! :)

Nira Xo

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