Friday, January 15, 2016


So this winter I have a few favourites out of my nail varnish collection. That is these three lovely O.P.I colours. I decide to share these lovely nail varnishes with you today. These are just the right pop of colour for me to wear on a day to day basis this winter.

I have been getting so many compliments with these specific colours lately. They are my most worn colours this winter. I usually does switch it up every week or every 3/4 days. I don’t usually like sticking to the same colour, so from left to right.

The first colour THANKS A WINDMILLION is a sort of a very cool sea green or maybe a mint green, I still can’t decide. It is very thick and the application with the brush is very smooth, THANKS A WINDMILLION was a part of the Holland collection. You can now find it online, but it is very rare. Not sure if you would be able to find it on OPI’s site.

This is how its looks on my nails, as you can see it has this cool sea green. I love this colour for winter time. It is cool and it brings a bit of colour.

The second colour VAMPSTERDAM, this used to be an everyday colour for me. The colour finishes of pearly, so it is a sort metallic purple. The brush is also good but the nail varnish is thin and when applying, you got to apply a few more coats.

This is what it looks like on my nails. This is one nail varnish I does be using regularly, no matter what season.

The third nail varnish is the KYOTO PEARL it seems like everyone is in love with this varnish, when I am wearing it. It is also a thin varnish, and it takes a couple of coats to apply. This nail varnish also has a satin pearly finish. I think you can still find this one online at OPI.

This would be my favourite right now because it is light and pearly. I love how it is metallic satin shimmer looking. I have been wearing it throughout the holidays and I am still wearing it now. I got really nice compliments about this one.

I hope you enjoyed my nail winter favs.
I would also like to thank everyone who followed me on #BLOGLOVIN, You guys are the best!
Stay Beautiful!
Nira x

Q. Which OPI colour is your favourite?
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