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Makeup Revolution that famous UK based brand. I swear these black & rose gold babies are the best. I wanted a new brush set for so long now because the ones I had were a mixture of madness. Each brush was like a different brand or was shedding too much, they had to go. So just seeing these over the holidays I just had to have them.

So I had these brushes for more than a month now and I am totally in love with them. On their site they were for €11.12 such a wonderful price for 6 brushes, definitely can't go wrong there. The handling is magnificent, it is the perfect length. I just love the rose gold effect, it shows the signature look of the brand Makeup Revolution. But before I go on about these lovely looking brushes, are they worth the hype?

This fluffy powder brush F104 bristles are so soft. It doesn't have any problems with coming in contact with the powder, it holds it while you’re applying your make. Also if you had too much powder on the brush it is easy to knock off without much struggle. When using the brush to apply the powder it does a great application. It doesn't itch are irritate my face afterwards. While I have been using this brush, I have not once experience shedding as yet.

This contour brush is an angled brush as you can see. This is actually my first angled brush, I was very pleased when I was using this. I usually don't do contouring but when I got this brush, I was like let me give it a try. The bristles are soft and it is very good with applying your contour. You can also use this as a blush brush because I noticed it is also in the “Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight expert collection”. Yes I actually have 2 powder & contour brushes now, but no regrets Dolls, No regrets!

You know that magical paint brush that every kid wants, well let me tell you this is the magical brush for applying foundations. It lays and it slays, it give you that even smooth airbrush look. While I was applying, I swore I was applying LancĂ´me all over my face. These bristles are a bit stiffer than the others brushes, for the right reasons. This is my favourite foundation brush thus far at the moment

Finally the first eye brush, you see this blending brush, she is great at blending that Smokey eye out. It is a bit stiffer than the others. I find for something that you have to use on your eyes it should be a little softer. But it does the job. It doesn't irritate or itch my eyelid, so I do recommend it, but not to those with sensitive eyelids.

This eyeshadow brush I does use for tackling the inner corners of my eyes. It is really good at applying eyeshadow. I just find it should’ve been a little bigger, because it takes a little longer with a small brush. Sad to say that this brush has gone missing within my collection and I had it a few days ago, I shall begin my search!!

This is my favourite of all, it helps me accomplish my fleeky brow. It been so good to me. It gives me that natural eyebrow look. This can also be used as a gel eyeliner applicator, I really recommend this because of its more than one use. It is very steady when using so it will be perfect for applying eyeliners.

These brushes are worth all the hype about Makeup Revolution!I’ve looked all over for a referral link on the collection but they are sold out everywhere. But you can purchase each brush separately on the Makeup revolution site, from about €2.50 and up. Depends on which brush you will like to get. If you are lucky maybe they would restock the collection. 

Hope that you enjoyed my review!

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