Monday, January 4, 2016

15 Inspiring quotes for 2016

Hey hunini's sorry for the lack of post, was away on holiday but gladly I'm back!
It was a wonderful holiday vacation, well spent with family and friends.

Now since it is 2016, Holidays are over it is a new year. We all may have or may have not made our new year’s resolution. Time to get back on track, I am giving you 15 inspiring quotes for 2016. We all need that push to move forward and accomplish our goals for this year.

Hopefully these visual quotes motivate you to accomplish your goals in 2016!

1. Know your worth, you can accomplish anything you put your mind too!

2. In every failure there is always something good in it, look closely!

3. Even if you have given up and don’t believe in yourself, you will rise again and bloom the way you are suppose too.

4. They are people in our lives that doesn’t support our decisions and goals and hold you back from becoming something more than just a regular. Surround yourself with those with good intentions.

5. It is modern times, we are more connected to people and everyone has become so opinionated. Do not let anyone change your and break you love yourself!

6. If they're mistakes being made then you are doing something right, Keep on trying do not give up. You have to make some to learn some.

7. Patience is virtue, Good things comes to those who wait.
Don't rush the cake batter and expect it to rise.

8. It is hard finding out who you are because we spend way too much time admiring others and not ourselves.

9. Don’t get carry away and lose yourself, remember why you did it!

10. Every little achievement counts!

11. It always begins with you!

12. Spread it like a virus!

13. They’re always a bright side. 

 14. Believe that you can do it and you will.

15. It is important to be proud of every little achievement.

Nira Xo



  1. I'm a guy but I see where youare going with these qoutes!

    Nice going!

  2. I'm a guy but I see where youare going with these qoutes!

    Nice going!


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