Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fashionable Street Hacks

Streetwear has been developing into creating your own identity and style. Rocking your most stylish outfits with your checker flannel. Wearing your leather shirts with your bandana printed pants. It is a colour less world in street wear. No one is reaching for that pop of colours as
much no more. It is all about the neutral tones. Crop tops, beanies and ripped jeans, topped with the trendiest item a coat. Coats & hats are two ways of making a plain outfit more chic and stylish. It gives you that mature, grown up and sophisticated look.

I am really feeling what street wear is about and where it has been going lately. I am going to share a few looks of my top 2 fashionable items that has really been inspiring me lately.

Hope that you got inspired! All photo's are from tumblr!
Leave a comment and tell me what is your favourite streetwear item.

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