Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 days of Christmas: For her

heyy huninis!
Every year I am being asked what I would like to receive for Christmas. I am the type of person who doesn't have a clue on what I want to receive. But I have succeeded so far on the gift giving
for Christmas. So I decide to share my ideas on gifts you can give, mostly inexpensive to expensive. Whether it's your mom, grand mom, aunt, sister or best friend. Everyone has that one special female in their life. Once you know what they love it would come easy to you.

Here's A few tips and ideas I came up with on what you can give to your special lady for Christmas!
You have about 25 more days to choose the perfect gift, do enjoy!!

1. Beauty Products
We know, beauty products can vary from makeup to foot scrubs. So you would have to know how to choose your gift wisely, we don't want to offend our love ones. Let's start off with the basic beauty products: Makeup. As a beauty and fashion lover I am always open to receiving a new palette or nail varnish, maybe MAC lipstick as a gift. I know some may consider Mac a bit too pricey, but they are other brands who has very good quality for a good price. Revolution, Sleek or maybe E.L.F? That’s just a couple of brands you can look into. You can also get make up brushes or bags.

2. Body & SkinCare
We are women we love our skin, we want to be able to go a day or 2 without using makeup. The first step to having perfect skin is clean skin. They are so much inexpensive skin products you can use for your skin, don't need to get them that Clinique or Clarins. Body packages are great and easy too. I know most ladies been keeping an eye on that Clarasonic, as I been told it is very expensive for them to purchase. But no worries, I have a solution for getting a face cleaner, for a great price (Click the link below the picture). Also To go with that lovely pamper time, you can get them a good book. Books keeps my imagination going, so I can continue being creative. They're all sorts of books you can get someone Cooking, Art, Inspiring books the list goes on. Think on what they like to do and if they're the reading type and viola you will know what to get.

Spin for perfect skin

3. Fragrances
We have a wide range of fragrances, the ideal ones are candles and perfumes. The are so much body fragrances to choose from. They are on the more expensive side of things but luckily they do have holiday discounts. This is only if you are willing to give something rather expensive. Please pay attention to the scent of the fragrance you're giving try something light and subtle. You can also ask the nice ladies that works in the store to help you out. Just describe the type of person you are getting it for. The next scented gifts a lady would love is CANDLESSS! Like who doesn’t love candles? Candles is what keeps me Zen on a busy day. It comes in handy with a cup of tea and a good book.

4. Jewerly
Whenever I mention to someone that I like to receive jewerly as a gift they tend to stare at me like I am nuts. I mean that is the best gift, I can always use it and it will be with me forever and ever. It is something symbolic and simple and small, a pair of earrings, bracelet, and necklace or if you are going in for the long run, I suggest a ring. It also do fall on the expensive side but at least you know they will cherish it for many years. For the ladies who tend to never make it on time, a watch will be an ideal gift! So run to your nearest jewerly store.

5. DIY
So DIY’s do make a perfect gift, shows how much effort you put in to make something. An idea is Scrapbook filled with old memories or her favourite things. They are so many different DIY ideas out there, that you can find.  I guarantee she would love it and appreciate all the creativity you put into making her gift!

6. Electronics
We all like to take photos and document our daily lives. How about getting a camera for that special lady. It falls more on the expensive side but it would be a useful and handy gift. Also Maybe a pair of headphones?

Hope you like my ideas. If you have any ideas of your own feel free to leave a comment. What is your ideal holiday gift to receive or give? Tell me what you think, would really like to know.

Nira xo


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  1. When I saw this I was expecting another post for men,

    But you made it easy to shop for women.


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