Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Wishlist!

First and foremost let me thank all the readers I had so far 300! 
Omg thank you for reading, Here is a dozen cyber kisses to you guys!

So I had a bit of time on my hands after exams, to do some cyber shopping. 
I got a few things already, but I am going to show them in a next blog! Also I have a list of stuff I would still like to get. Cause I feel as if it has been put aside for far too long now and it is very much needed. Fashion & Beauty addict, I swear!
Here is a list of photos of what’s in my November
Wish list.


Thigh High - Missguided
I been wanting a new pair of thigh high for a while and everywhere I have been looking was either sold out completely or didn’t have my size. Luckily I stumbled on these and I can't wait to get them. I chose the one with a heel because I am short and I would want to appear taller, so people can take me more serious at times. I also find it would be very great for my silhouette.

 Ankle boots - Public desire
Chelsea Boots - Public desire
So I have been lusting a pair of black suede ankle boots for weeks now and I am finally coming around to getting a pair. The sole is thick so for me I know that they will be comfortable to wear on an everyday basis, also I find they would go perfect with my wardrobe because I would look a bit chic but also laid back too.

Sofia Fringed Tassel Duffle Bag
Fringe cross body - Boohoo

I don’t know how but at first I was sceptical about fringe. Now I am starting to love it. This cross body bag is a must for me to have right now. I am introducing fringe slowly into my wardrobe. If only I still had my Fringe moccasins, I would’ve been fringing it up. So I am going to try a fringe bag this time, it would be my first. I am really loving this bag though. I can't wait to have it included in my wardrobe.

Okay this coat is a maybe for me, I find it looks cool but something about I also don't like. I am still not sure if I should get it, what do you guys think? I have so much great ideas on how to style it though. I just not feeling it 100% more like 63% I really would like to know what you guys think.
Lova jacket - Monki

So I been stalking this oversized coat for a while and I am finally making a decision on introducing it to my wardrobe. Just because I don’t have a grey coat, but also it is oversized and it will come in handy with layering for the colder times. I find it would be my new winter favourite fashion piece for now until something brand new pops up, hopefully not fingers cross. Don’t want to break the bank.

I know this is a bit out of the fashion category, but I consider a book a fashion accessories. I don’t know where I got this idea from. A perfect outfit on a train ride with a good book in your hand. That is very fashionable.

Beautiful disaster - Jamie McGuire

Shatter Me
Shatter Me -Tahereh Mafi

Quiet - Susan Cain

I have read good reviews about the books above and I keep on forgetting to get them. But I already ordered them, When they arrive and I finally gets a reading, I will tell you more about the books.

So I hope you like it, I would like to know whats on your november wishlist! Feel free to leave a comment! 

Nira x


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