Friday, November 13, 2015

Don't you just love winter?

The best part of winter for me is the fashion, the fact that you can layer everything. So creating new outfits are colour contrast for your ideal outfit of the day is exciting. You have a wide range to choose from, you can wear knee high or thigh high boots, scarves, cardigans, sweaters, jeans and not
forgetting the coats. Even when it is cold you would remain looking like a
fashionista. The fall and winter colours are my favourite. Starting off with the classic white & black tones, then going into the more colourful wear of orange, mustard yellow, browns and beiges, red & pinks and some purple. These colours brings out the warmth for the season. Not forgetting the blues, the greens, the gold and silver shimmer. It’s like turning into a Christmas tree, now wouldn’t that be interested a human Christmas tree. No ladies I am not saying you should overdo it with that eyeshadow, save it for New Year’s Eve.

You can’t do winter without a warm drink and for me that’s Starbucks, it is the place to go. Its quick and easy I am like addicted to their “Speculaas Latte & Almond hot chocolate” Brings me life on a rainy day. If you’re in the Netherlands and you like Starbucks just as much as me. You should try it the winter theme specials, Geweldig! I also had their “Red velvet cake”. People who know me knows that red velvet cake is my favourite after cheesecake! But at Starbucks it was good I wasn’t disappointed, just maybe they should’ve lay off the cream cheese frosting a bit.

My last favourite thing about winter is CHRISTMAS, like ermurgurrddd!!! Christmas is bae, I’m so the holiday type, my home will look like a ginger bread house. I just love how a home feels around Christmas time when the decorations are up. It started when I was little I used to look forward to Christmas, for the food and the fact that I can spend the rest of the day hanging with my cousins, playing game and watching basketball. The times when Lakers used to have my grandmother’s house up in a roar. Sadly we are too far apart from each other now. But Luckily I have the coolest friends ever! So far spending Christmas away from my family wasn’t that bad. When every one of my friends come together with dishes that are self-made. Then we have a big feast and end the night of playing games and screaming at each other because someone started to get bankrupt in Monopoly.

I know they are those who doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of religions reasons. Also those who don’t believe in Christmas. It is okay, my belief in Christmas is that it is an excuse for me to be hanging out with people you care most about. Not everyday someone is able to hang with you and on that day everyone is there. When you sit and be surrounded by all the people you care about. It’s a wonderful feeling. You just never know when it will be the last. So enjoy every moment you get to spend with someone.

Comment tell me what your favourites are for winter?
Nira  x

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